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Feature Leader for January/February 2009

Ira Chaleff

Meet Ira Chaleff: National Leader of the Month 

Leadership Podcast

You now have the opportunity to hear leaders provide their insights in their own words. Listen to the Leadership Podcast Series on this website by clicking on the podcast icon to the right: leadership podcast. Otherwise, you can enter this RSS feed into your preferred podcasting software: http://www.leadernetwork.org/leadership_podcast.rss. To directly download the episodes (which may take a long time, depending on your configuration and connection speed), click on the following links:

John Wooden

Hyrum Smith

Nido Qubein

David Dean

Don Green

Ken Blanchard

Lou Holtz

Stephen Covey (part I)

Stephen Covey (part II)

Jim McEachern

William Roberts (part I)

William Roberts (part II)

William Roberts (part III)

William Roberts (part IV)

Herb Kelleher

Patrick Lencioni

Bill Pollard

Bill Glass (part I)

Bill Glass (part II)

Bill Glass (part II)

LuAn Mitchell (part I)

LuAn Mitchell (part II)

Deborah Frieze

Earl Nightingale

Maxine Clark

Gary Harpst

Eileen McDargh

Paul J. Meyer

James O'Toole

Ramesh Richard

Beverly Kaye

Jim Kouzes (part I)

Jim Kouzes (part II)

Ira Chaleff

Leader Resource Spotlight



The Leadership Excellence website, www.leaderexcel.com, is the entry point into a wide variety of leadership resources. Click here to experience the benefits of the Leader Resource Spotlight.

Focus on Leadership: Book Review

 The 360 Degree Leader: Developing Your Influence from Anywhere in the Organization by John Maxwell

Click here to read the review, written by Luke Johnson.

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Herb Kelleher  Patrick Lencioni  William Pollard  Bill Glass

Lou Holtz  Stephen Covey  Jim McEachern  William Roberts

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