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Leadership Excellence

The Leadership Excellence website, www.leaderexcel.com, is branded as "the standard in personal, team, and market leadership." The site certainly does not disappoint.

The website presents current articles on leadership and features complimentary rankings on the top leadership development programs, the best leadership practices, and the top 100 leadership consultants. In addition to the free content on the website, visitors may purchase from a variety of worthwhile leadership offerings. A subscription to Leadership Excellence magazine provides the reader with a monthly installment of insights, articles, and advice for leaders. Influential leaders such as Stephen R. Covey, Ken Blanchard, Ken Shelton, Warren Bennis, and Jim Collins are contributors to the magazine. Digital and audio editions of the magazine are also available at the site. The March 2007 digital version of Leadership Excellence has been provided and is available by clicking here (requires Adobe software).

Ken Shelton, editor and CEO, has been enriching the lives of leaders for more than two decades with his monthly publication of Leadership Excellence. Ken draws from the vast archives of 24 years of Leadership Excellence magazine to offer the Instant Consultant CD—20 Year Edition. The CD contains the articles from decades of Leadership Excellence magazine. The Instant Consultant Online Access is my favorite tool at the website. The capability provides digital access to articles from all the years of Leadership Excellence magazine. The articles are indexed and accessible through a searchable archive; content can be viewed according to author, topic, or monthly magazine issue. I enjoyed the ability to select an influential author and view the articles that author has written over the past decades. A search of Peter F. Drucker yielded 17 articles; reading those articles gave me a terrific background on the thoughts of one of the most influential leaders of the last century. The ability to search by topic is just as worthwhile. For example, a search of the term, "wisdom," provided articles on wisdom in leadership from Stephen R. Covey, Charles Garfield, Stuart Wells, Robert Bohn, Gerald Michaelson, Kathryn Alexander, Charles Manz, Lee Thayer, and Robert Gilbreath. This abundance of applicable content is a sure-fire way to prepare for a presentation on your topic of choice.

The Instant Consultant Online Access also offers PDF worksheets. These worksheets include the personal excellence plan, monthly goal sheet, performance team sheet, article worksheet, excellence-in-action guide, and leadership guide. Of the worksheets, I found the personal excellence plan to be especially worthwhile. The plan suggests segmenting into a three-phase growth process--vision, performance, and support--to achieve desired goals. For each step in the process, the plan offers strategies and methodology to help you attain your desired results.

Executive Excellence Publishing offers two other monthly digests of interest to leaders: Personal Excellence and Sales & Service Excellence. To go directly to the Executive Excellence Publishing website,

click here (the page will be opened in a separate window).

*Note: Thank you to Bob Shearer of Leadership Excellence for making the March 2007 issue of the magazine available for the benefit of visitors to LeaderNetwork.org.

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