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The Mind Tools website is a career skills resource on the Internet that provides a wide variety of materials for leaders. The site is broken down into the categories of time management, stress management, information skills, communication skills, memory improvement, leadership skills, problem solving, decision making, project planning, and practical creativity. Leaders can find priceless nuggets of information throughout the website. The leadership skills section is especially valuable for leaders, and that portion of the site includes a number of free resources. Numerous articles are present that outline leadership theory. Further, there is an explanation and analysis of how theory may be applied to leaders' lives. Models and leadership tactics are offered for free as well. For those leaders desiring more extensive depth and detail, the site offers a fee-based leadership course.

James Manktelow is the CEO of MindTools.com. Mr. Manktelow holds an MBA from London Business School and has written four books: Mind Tools, The Stress Management Masterclass, Make Time for Success! and How to Lead: Discover the Leader Within You. His personal mission is to "help customers around the world learn the simple, practical skills needed to excel in their careers." Asked to describe the applications for leaders that are present at MindTools.com, James Manktelow offers the insights that follow.

How does the Mind Tools website benefit leaders?

Mind Tools offers a simple way for leaders to learn the fundamental skills they need to lead effectively. Not only can they quickly learn direct leadership skills, they can also learn powerful supporting skills in areas like problem solving, decision making and business creativity.

Please highlight some of the leadership resources that the Mind Tools website offers.

Some of the most insightful techniques are present in the Leadership Motivation Assessment, Information Gathering, and Winning Expert Power articles.

What else can you tell leaders about the Mind Tools website?

I'd strongly recommend that leaders visit our problem solving section and our decision making section: these offer top grade techniques that help a leader "be right" - something that every effective leader absolutely must be.

We have a comprehensive self-study leadership course, " How to Lead," which teaches the 48 skills needed to be a truly effective leader.

More leader resources are available at the Mind Tools website. Click here to go directly to the website (opened in a separate window).

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