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The Leadersdirect.com website offers a comprehensive treatment of the topic of leadership. The website offers critical analysis of leadership trends and theory, and examines different kinds of leadership. The important question of leadership versus management is addressed extensively (see a sample passage below). The site includes assessment tools to help visitors identify and define their own leadership tendencies. In addition, leadership myths are deconstructed and practical concepts are presented that leaders can implement in their own lives. The site is free of charge, and further fee-based resources and links to other resources are available. The author of the website is Mitch McCrimmon, PhD.

Mitch McCrimmon shares some insights below:

I think there is a lot of confusion around about the nature of leadership. New ideas are needed to stimulate critical thinking about what it means to lead. But the main practical benefit is that senior executives are overloaded with needing to be so much to so many people. To be effective, they need to be strategic and for me that means recognizing when they are leading and when they are managing. It also means cultivating leadership in others throughout the organization to share the load.

Mitch suggests leaders begin a visit to his website at one of the following links:


http://www.leadersdirect.com/leadership.html    This is the jumping point for all his leadership pages.

    http://www.leadersdirect.com/srgservices.html   At this link, Mitch has uploaded a number of pdf files that contain his most recent thinking on leadership. Of particular interest are his critiques of Kouzes & Posner and the article entitled ''Seven Deadly Sins of Leadership Theory.''

The following is a sample passage from the leadersdirect.com website (

http://www.leadersdirect.com/why.htm). In the passage, Mitch McCrimmon shares some thoughts on leadership versus management:

Why differentiate leadership from management?

Visit www.leadersdirect.com for more of the wisdom of Mitch McCrimmon. Click here and go directly to the website for Leadersdirect.com (opened in a separate window).

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